Thursday, February 23, 2017

Kitchen organization in the RV

The camping bug is biting and the warm winter weather isn't helping.  I'm ready to pack up and camp!  However, I am trying to fight the urge and with that I am constantly trying to think of better ways to organize the RV.  I go out and sit in it and ponder how to make more efficient use of our space.  Then I go and look at Pinterest boards for inspiration.  The hubs just shakes his head.  I know I am obsessed and he lets me be.  His job is to tow the trailer to whatever destination I pick.  He doesn't really get into the fundamentals and complexities of organizing.

So, I have been streamlining what we use in the kitchen.  When we began camping I purchased the cheap summer plastic plates from Wally World.  They are thin, but held well for breakfast and sandwiches.  The downside was I had to wash plates after every meal.  Bummer!  Last spring we went on a week camp-out with home school friends and I purchased a large package of heavy duty paper plates.  Great time saver, no dishes to wash after meals, and they made great fire starters for the evening campfire.  The large package lasted all camping season and I didn't use the thin dishes at all.  I plan on doing the same thing this year, so out with the thin plastic dishes!

I have a drawer that I keep all the cooking spoons, spatulas, etc.  Everything fits if it is arranged just so.  However, after looking at various Pinterest boards and thinking about function in the kitchen, I decided to hang my cooking implements.  I just love command strip hooks.  I have had much success using these in the RV.  The big white thing is a plastic cutting board with foam gripper on the underside.  I was to cheap to buy a stove cover in our last RV and used this to add counter space and functionality of a cutting surface when needed.  I transferred it into our new RV for the same reasons.  I have a super absorbent dish drying mat that I put on it and a small dish drainer when I wash dishes.  I works out great.

In that same drawer, I had a set of measuring cups.  I hung my measuring cups in my house cabinets and love the convenience.  I decided to do the same in the RV.  The cups are nested with two per hook.  They are out of the way, yet handy when needed.  The spatulas and BBQ brush found a home next to the measuring cups, as well.

Grilling utensils use to be housed in the cabinet with my plates and serving platters.  (I still keep a heavy duty set of melamine plates for our dinners in the RV.  It is nice to eat an evening meal on actual plates.) The grilling tongs and spatula often get in the way of the plates, so I decided to hang them in the lower cabinet under the sink.  They were just short enough to fit perfectly!

I know these weren't big changes, but being able to free up a kitchen drawer is nice.  Not sure what I will do with the drawer space.  I'm thinking of letting the hubs have it for his K-cups.  We shall see.