Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Nature Study - Compass

It was a lovely day to take a nature outing to Cowpens Battlefield with the kids.

This trip served three purposes:
1. How to use a compass.  2. How to read a map.  3. Refreshing our memories on the Battle of Cowpens.

Each group was given a map of the battlefield and a compass.  Their task was to follow the trail and when they came to a history marker, they must indicate the marker on their map and give the compass reading in relation to the marker.  After they marked the information on the map, they read the historic marker and continued to the next marker.

The boys seemed much more proficient at reading the map and the compass.  They weren't that keen on reading the markers.

The girls needed a bit more guidance on the first marker position and where to mark the map.  After that, they were independently blazing the path.  Of course, they read the history markers, as they went.

The weather was beautiful and everyone enjoyed learning in the great outdoors.  The next time we use the compasses we are going to create our own maps!