Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Water Treatment Field Trip

We had an interesting field trip opportunity to visit our local water treatment facility.  I think I was more intrigued than the kids, but they enjoyed our outing.  Our county is served by three different water jurisdictions.  We receive our water from the plant we visited, so the kiddos learned quite a bit about how the water gets to the house.

Our tour included learning about the history of our county's water system.  It was very interesting to understand the foresight of our county leaders in the early 1900s.  The facility in the beginning was not just a water treatment plant, but a county park.  Locals flocked to it to play in the pristine water during our hot, long summer months.  Unfortunately, the park is no longer there.

We learned about the dam, settlement pools, filtration and treatment center, storage center, and pumps.

In the near future, we will take a field trip to the waste water treatment plant to gain an understanding of how sewage is handled.