Thursday, February 23, 2017

UpCountry History Museum

We took a field trip to the UpCountry History Museum with our homeschool group.  We had never been to the museum and found it to be a wealth of knowledge about the upstate of South Carolina.

We started our tour with a wonderful video explaining the Upstate region from past to present.  It was very informative and kept the students attention.

After the video, our docent had the students take a scavenger hunt for the museum.  She then took us to throughout the museum and explained the history in each room.  I loved this, mainly due to the fact that the students tend to just rush through history exhibits.  Our docent also made the tour interactive for the students which was wonderful.

After the docent lead tour, we were free to explore the museum and special exhibits on our own.  They had three special exhibits at the time of our visit:  Normal Rockwell exhibit, Hands on Harley Davidson exhibit and Things Taken Apart exhibits.

The students loved the Hands on Harley Davidson exhibit!  Of course it was hands on and allowed them to experiment with physics.  It also allowed them to release extra energy.

Overall, we enjoyed our visit to the UpCountry History Museum and look forward to returning and learning more about the history of our area.