Monday, May 15, 2017

Eight Benefits of Having a Seasonal Campsite

We decided to opt for a seasonal campsite this year.  This will be a new experience for us and we are hoping that it proves enjoyable.  So, what is the draw for a seasonal campsite versus pulling the trailer to different campsites during the season?

#1 - More Camping!

We are hoping to use the trailer more and camp more often.  Hubs needs to get away and relax from the stresses of owning a small business.  The trailer is already set up on a site and ready to enjoy.  No towing, backing, leveling, hooking up, unpacking, and packing to contend with before or after.

#2 - Never-mind the Weather!

What is the weather going to be like next weekend?  Rainy weekends aren't a problem anymore.  We don't have to set up camp in the rain or take down camp in the rain.  Everything is already there and stays.  We can just open the door and listen to the pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof.  Long relaxing naps and peaceful relaxation.

#3 -  No Reservations!

No need to worry about making reservations.  We typically do not camp on the holidays of Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.  Usually, the campgrounds are full and three night stays are mandatory.  We aren't always able to stay three nights.  Now, it doesn't matter.

#4 - Save on Gas!

When we find a campground we enjoy, we tend to go there several times during the camping season.  The campground we chose to seasonal camp is one we fell in love with last year.  We were planning on spending several weekends here this year. (Before we went with a seasonal option.)  Now, we don't have to tow the trailer back and forth and hour and half each way.

#5 -  I don't have to wait!

I don't have to wait on hubs to tow us to the campground. If the kids and I want to camp during the week, we can. I know, I could learn how to tow the trailer.  I just find it nerve wracking going up the windy mountain roads.  I am going to learn how, but just take it easy with straight, wide, roads first!

#6 - Feels more like Home!

We can day trip around the area the trailer is parked.  There are many things we want to see and explore in the area.  Now, we have extra time to do these things.  Or, we can just take long naps at the trailer! 

#7 - It's easier to Unplug!

We play card and board games, read, walk, swim, fish, watch the campfire, talk, listen to Egee play the ukulele, etc.  The television in the trailer only picks up the local PBS station, so it's never on.  We have dvds to watch if the weather is bad.  The kids tend to use their phones at night when we are all in our beds.  That's okay with us.  The majority of the day was electronic free.

#8 -We get to meet new people each trip!

We are meeting our seasonal neighbors and folks just traveling through.  It is always fun to talk to fellow campers.  Everyone has been nice and friendly.

We are excited to see how this season works for us.  I am expecting to have a wonderful time and come back season after season.  We shall see!