Monday, May 29, 2017

Second Annual Homeschool Campout!

We decided to have another fun homeschool camp out with friends.  It is always fun to camp with friends and share memories together!

We returned to Orchard Lake Campground.  We love the amenities for the kids.  Between fishing the lakes, canoes/kayaks, swimming, zip-line, play ground, game room, etc. it keeps them occupied.  We never have to hear about them being bored and having nothing to do!

We decided to go with themed meals again this year.  It is so much easier and no one envies the other families food.  Each family prepares their own dishes, so everyone is happy about the taste.  We all eat together and have a great time with fellowship.

What camping trip would be complete without the nightly s'mores dessert?  Roasting marshmallows and lots of giggling is required.  So, is a sticky table at the end of the evening!

One of our friends brought two boxes of international treats to share.  The kiddos gathered around the table and listened to the description and history of treats from Japan and the U.K.  The Japanese treats were quite interesting.  The kiddos weren't fond of many.  For example one was flavored as beef tongue!  The U.K. treats were a bigger hit. Plenty of Cadbury chocolates could be found in many of the treats! 

Everyone had a great time and is looking forward to our next trip together.