Tuesday, April 19, 2016

RV Mods Part 2

It seems there is always something to do to the rv after we get back from a trip.  On our last excursion, I noticed that water was making its way to the floor from the shower.  A couple of things allow this to happen.  1.  Not closing the shower curtain all the way.  2.  Not being perfectly level. 

Now, I am very diligent about keeping the curtain pulled to try to keep all the water in the shower.  Hubby and Egee are not.  After each of their showers, I noticed a puddle of water on the floor.  After my shower and being diligent, there was still a small amount of water on the floor.  So, I sat out to remedy the problem.

I had Hubby order Tidee Tub.  It is a shower/tub guard to help keep water in the tub and not on the floor.  It received excellent reviews and I liked the fact it came in a clear version. 

I only applied one of the Tidee Tub guards.  We never tend to have water escape from the far back side of the tub.  If we do have an issue later, I have the other guard to use.

When ordering Tidee Tub, I saw another product aimed to help keep the shower curtain closed.  So, I decided to purchase the OXO curtain clip.  The adhesive on the back of the clip, may need some reinforcement.  No problem, I have extra silicone adhesive from the Tidee Tub. 

We haven't had the rv out since installation, so hopefully this is a solution to the water issue. 

Another item, I needed to add to the rv was an essential oils diffuser.  I love the one in the house and wanted to have one in the rv.  I am sold on the use of essential oils and have noticed since beginning to use them in December, we have not suffered with pollen allergies this spring. 

I ordered a smaller version for the rv and love it!  The different color light choices will be a nice touch on dark evenings. 

Can't wait until our next trip to see what else I may need to add!

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