Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Creature Comforts Field Trip

We went with our local homeschool group on a field trip to Creature Comforts.  Creature Comforts is a veterinarian clinic/boarding/daycare center for dogs and cats.  The family that owns/operates Creature Comforts was a homeschool family.  Mr. Lambert did a wonderful job explaining the running of a small business to the children.  It was more than just a visit to the vet clinic.  He emphasized what an entrepreneur does and the importance of following a dream.   Of course, my kiddos kind of understand the entrepreneur gig from their own father running his own business.  It was nice for them to hear the struggles of another small business owner and realize we aren't the only ones.

The facilities at Creature Comforts are very nice and well kept.  We learned about the cleanliness protocol and why it is very important.  Mr. Lambert discussed how they use technology to help attract customers and run the business.  He told them why it is important to make initial investments of good quality and not cut the corners.  (These are things they have heard from their own father.)

We found out that dogs sometimes eat rocks and no one knows why.  They saw what a rock looks like inside the intestine of a poodle.  Dr. Johnson answered questions about basic veterinarian care.

We learned about the different machines used for surgery.  Mr. Lambert was sure to point out costs for the machines and why veterinarian bills are higher than one may think they should be.  The children learned that businesses have to invest money and in turn see a return on that investment.

We enjoyed our tour of the facilities and have more of an understanding about veterinary/boarding/daycare costs.