Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Teen Social

Oh, my!  The years have flown by and now my little girl is almost a teenager.  Ugh!  How did the years go by that fast? 

Egee attended her first teen social for fellow homeschoolers.  It was an informal get together with other preteen to teenage homeschoolers and she was excited.  An opportunity to make new friends and hangout without little ones running about.

The event was Christian based and fully chaperoned.  Most parents dropped their children off and went on their own date night.  We were no exception.  She was in a safe environment with plenty of kids around her age to interact.  No need for Mom and Dad to stand around and gawk. 

Two hours passed quickly and when I arrived to pick her up, she was wrapped up in fun.  Hopefully, new friendships blossom and she continues to meet more homeschool kids her age.  She can't wait until the next one!