Thursday, August 7, 2014

Clay Camp

Little Man has developed an interest in pottery.  I'm not sure where this interest has come from, but he asks constantly about using a potters wheel. Egee is always my artsy one.  She made sure I knew she would want to participate when I found a pottery camp.  I want to try and allow the children opportunities to tryout their interests, so I began my search for a class to do just that.

I searched and found clay camps that were an hour or more away.  This would not work for our schedule.  Prices were outrageous for other pottery camps.  Maybe, some one income families have the means to spend over two hundred dollars a child for a one week, three hour class.  This one can't!  However, with hours of searching I finally stumbled upon a little gem near us!  East Main Arts was offering a kid's clay camp that included the use of the pottery wheel.  The price was very reasonable and the time fit our schedules.

East Main ARTS

The kids are having a blast at camp!  Ms. Ellie is wonderful with the children.  She has taught them so much about the art of clay.  The two hours they spend at the studio is fun and creative.  They both can't wait to show me what they have created and tell me everything they learned.

I can see us spending much more time at East Main Arts and letting the children explore their artistic side!