Friday, August 22, 2014

August Has Returned!

We have had unseasonably cool temperatures for August, thus far.  No one has complained about the weather, until Saturday.  August decided to return with the heat and humidity combo!  A double punch to bring everyone back to reality, that indeed we do live in the SOUTH and it is AUGUST!

To escape the unexpected return, we loaded up the SUV and headed to the mountains.  Just like the people of long ago would do, but our trip didn't take as long.  One hour up the road to Thermal City provides relief from the hot days of August.

We panned a bit for gold and then decided to just relax and enjoy a couple of hours in the creek.  The nice cool mountain water is better than air conditioning!

The children played and made a new friend.  Together they built a pool in the creek bed from someone's partitioned sluice dam.  This provided hours of entertainment and like the new little friend said, "This is just like MineCraft, only real!"

Finally the sun was going over the mountain and the temperatures had cooled.  It was time to head back home.