Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer Beach Trip

We try our best to get to the beach every summer.  It just isn't summer vacation without a trip to our beloved Low Country. I have tried to move the trip to September, but the children's sports and dance schedules just aren't allowing this to take place.  Egee's dance started up early in July and really kicks in for August.  Little Man's schedule for baseball starts to take off around mid to late August.  Therefor, we packed the bags and set off for beach fun in mid July.

We tried a different condo this trip.  Basically, we didn't get the one we wanted because of the last minute decision.  We missed our view of the ocean.  However, it was a comfy condo and we still had a great time.  Of course, I plugged badly for hubby to think about getting our own place down in the Low Country.  I told him it didn't even have to be ocean front.  I would settle on a place with marsh views and deep water.  He would just have to get me a boat to putter around with.  He laughed.

We spent the days by the pool and evenings on the beach.  Little Man tried to skim board.  Although, surf fishing became his passion during this trip.  Hubby bought them gear and the two fished.  Egee likes to walk the beach and play in the water.  MeeMee just did whatever the grandkids wanted.  Isn't that always how it is?

We brought the filtered flashlights out and went crab watching.  Little Man had a blast.  Crabs are so much fun to watch!

We spent a morning at Hunting Island enjoying the larger waves and shell hunting.  Little Man and Hubby tried surf fishing along the jetty.

We relished in fresh shrimp from Johnson Creek Tavern and Gay's Seafood.  Then finished out the trip with a stop to Boondocks for crab legs!  My how the kids, MeeMee and I love our crab legs!

Unfortunately, the week of carefree island life ended and the reality of going home appeared.  I guess it will be time to plan another trip soon!