Friday, June 13, 2014

Spring Recital 2014

Egee's first dance recital was this spring.  She has only been taking dance for six months, but had done great.  She was so excited for us to see the performance.

I was unsure how she would do at dance.  I don't know why.  When Egee decides she wants to do something, she does it with all her heart.  Last fall, she announced that she wanted to learn how to clog.  I dismissed it and told her to just look up steps from YouTube.

Well, sure enough she took my advice and started teaching herself to clog.  She had learned many basic steps and longed for more formal instruction.  Seeing that she was determined, we enrolled her in a clog/Irish dance class.  She loved it!

One day the director called me in to talk about Egee.  I didn't know what was going on, I figured Egee had twisted an ankle during class.  Come to find out the director wanted to know where Egee had taken lesson before.  I told her she hadn't.  I explained the Egee had taught herself.  The director could not believe it.  She told me that Egee had perfect sound and was a natural at both clogging and Irish.  I was so proud of my girl.

Egee continued to work hard and learn her dances for recital.  She practiced daily and everywhere!

The big day arrived and we sat through three and a half hours of recital to see her perform.  We wouldn't have missed it for a thing.  She was beautiful up on stage doing her thing.

We are so proud of our Egee!