Saturday, June 28, 2014

Adventure Science Center

During our trip to Nashville, we visited Adventure Science Center.  The children had been asking to go back.  I had joined our local science center and found out that we could visit Adventure Science Center for free.

A few of the exhibits had changed since our last visit.  Egee and I tried building an arch.  This was fun, yet difficult.

Little Man ventured over to a jet simulator.  I think he could have played on it all day!

We learned more about the human body and took 'x-rays'.  They both loved feeding the digestion exhibit.  Little Man tried his best to work the giant hand and catch a ball.

Egee's favorite part is the moon walk simulator. She stood in line for almost thirty minutes!  Of course, she didn't mind.  Little Man had wanted to do the simulator, but decided he didn't want to stand in the long line.

This is always a fun outing for the kids.  We will be back again in the fall!