Wednesday, June 18, 2014


One of the best things about unschooling the children is the ability to just follow their interests.  Both have shown an interest in archery.  Their grandad purchased a bow and arrow set from a local sporting goods store about two years ago.  When they go to the grandparents' house, they usually end up outside shooting at the target.  Hubby bought the same one for our house and Little Man is often out with it.

When a fellow homeschooling mom set up a trip to a local archery range, the children eagerly wanted to attend.  They were going to learn how to use a compound bow.  Little Man was super excited.  Egee was curious.

We drove to the range, which was about an hour from our house.  The excitement mounted and the questions about the class filled the car.

We finally arrived at Saluda River Archery!  The facility was very easy to find.  It is large building with a target marking the spot.

Once in the building the children found some of their friends.  They talked and waited for the class to begin.  Of course, the boys gravitated to the bows and other merchandise in the retail shop.  The girls caught up on the latest things each had done.

After all the participants arrived, class began.  The instructor was very straight forward with the children.  He went over the rules and expectations.  The children listened and watched as another instructor demonstrated how to shoot the compound bow.  They couldn't wait to have a turn.

Our class had over twenty children.  The instructors grouped them according to height and then had one child from each group come forward to shoot.  Each child received one on one attention with an instructor and safety was stressed.

Each child shot six arrows per turn.  They were encouraged and given tips to improve their form.  Little Man thought the experience was totally cool.  It was different than shooting the basic bow that he had at home.  Egee was a natural.  Although outdoor sports aren't her thing, she does a great job.  One of the instructors approached me and told me that she was naturally talented at shooting.  I couldn't believe it.  She did shoot nice groupings with her arrows.

Every child was able to shoot three times.  They were all smiles after the class.  Little Man has decided he needs a compound bow.  He will have to wait.  We will definitely try to make it back to Saluda River Archery for another class in the near future!