Friday, June 27, 2014

Opryland Resort

Hubby's conference this year was at Opryland Resort in Nashville, TN.  Normally, his conference is held downtown Nashville.  So, the kids and I had a new place to explore!

The children were in awe of resort.  It was huge!  We were very impressed with the organization of checking in and the valet services.  We arrived during peak hours of check in and things went very smooth.  We were given a map of the resort and directions to our room.

The Cascades area was like walking into a tropical paradise.  Little Man was completely captivated by the pools of water and the koi living in them.  The splashing sounds of the waterfalls filled the open area and drowned out the people noise.

Our room opened to the Cascades area.  I was expecting to hear the noise in our room, but that was not the case.  The room was very quiet!  Even when we opened the doors to the balcony, we didn't hear overwhelming amounts of noise. 

Hubby would head out early to his conference on the other side of the resort every morning.  The children and I would get up later in the morning and go out to explore.

We walked along the paths of the Garden Conservatory.  Looking closely at the different plants and taking a new path each time.

We made our way to the Delta region on several occasions.  We would window shop as we walked the 'streets'.  We ate at the pizza and burger joints of the Delta.  We rode the Delta cruise several times.  (We purchased an All Stay pass.)  We enjoyed the light and water show at the fountain.  This was always the kids favorite destination.

One morning, we enjoyed strolling through the outdoor Magnolia area.  The children were hoping the Magnolia pool was open, but it wasn't.  Although, no one told the duck in the pool.

We enjoyed the Relache indoor pool.  The weather was unseasonably cool during our stay, so we spent more time in the indoor pool.  The children swam a few times in the outdoor Cascades pool.  Fortunately, the outdoor pool was heated.  Too bad the air wasn't!

We ate at several restaurants at the resort during our stay.  Hubby would meet us and we could grab dinner.  Like any resort, be prepared to spend quite a bit on the food.  The food was good, but a tad overpriced.

If you ever have a chance to visit Nashville, this is a great place to see or stay.  The kids were disappointed to find out the conference is going to be held in a different venue next year.  They wanted to come back and stay at resort again.