Sunday, December 1, 2013

Radio Rescue

I picked up a book at the main library branch the other day.  'Radio Rescue' by Lynne Barasch.  The book caught my eye and I placed it in my bag.

Today, we read the book.  I figured Little Man would like the book.  My dad and husband are both ham radio operators and he knows a bit about the operation of the radio.  This book was a delightful read.  Based upon the author's father's boyhood desire to become a ham radio operator.  It illustrated how hard work and not just desire is rewarded. 

Little Man found the book exciting.  Especially the communication with the naval ships.  It gave us an opportunity to discuss focus and determination.

This book would make a great read for any ham operator to share with a child or grandchild, as they introduce radio operating to the child.  Who knows, it may spark the desire for the child to approach the hobby.