Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holidays and Home School

It is so nice to have flexibility during the holiday season.  Traditional lessons are laid to the side and unit studies begin.  In November, we concentrated on giving and traditions of Thanksgiving.  Now, we are focusing on Christmas.

Reading is centered around various stories of Christmas:  Funny stories, life changing stories, nativity stories, etc.

We have incorporated South Carolina history by reading "The Twelve Days of Christmas in South Carolina" by Melinda Long.

Our bible studies are taken from our advent Christmas countdown.  Everyday, the children are excited to remove another link and listen to the bible story.

Math lessons are centered in the kitchen.  Adding fractions, measuring, keeping time, and reading recipes provide a dose of real life concepts.  Little Man enjoys the fruits of his labor!  Money skills are quickly being learned, as well.  The Christmas wish lists and buying for others with a set monetary amount makes searching for bargains a must!

Science lessons are also taking place in the kitchen.  Cooking is mostly chemistry!  Follow directions in an experiment and a recipe are important.  Experimentation with a recipe by adding this or that is just as much fun as adding things in a chemistry experiment.  Although, cooking allows tasting!

Fine arts comes in the form of Christmas programs, theater shows, musicals, holiday brass ensembles, arts and crafts, etc.  There is plenty of singing and dancing around the house!

Home Economics centers around shopping lists, shopping, cleaning, planing for parties, etc.

The rest of the time is spent on activities the children want to pursue.  Egee is knitting and crocheting hats, scarves, and anything else that catches her fancy.  Little Man is busy making an improvised drum set, connecting snap circuits into different configurations, and imaginative play.

Learning is happening all over the place, but just not in a traditional style!