Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Choir

The children have been involved in our church's children's choir (G-Tunes) program this fall.  It started in September and the fall session has concluded with a lovely Christmas performance. 

All dressed up and ready to sing!
The people that have given their time to volunteer and work with approximately one hundred children are priceless.  They have provided the children with a wonderful experience and growth in the relationship of Christ.

The choir performed during Sunday morning service and sang with the adult choir.  The children that showed were just a small percentage of the children in the G-Tunes children's choir.

 Singing "Bring My Praise" with the adult worship choir.

The G-Tunes children's choir put on the production "Meet Me at the Manager" later in the afternoon.  They did such a terrific job.   Several children had solos or duets, speaking parts, sign language parts, dancing, silent drama parts, etc.  All did great!

Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings enjoyed every moment.  The program was not designed to be a kid cute, laugh fest.  It was a wonderful message of why Christ is the reason for Christmas.  Through song, the message was relayed to the audience.  During the course of the fall session, Pastor George has relayed the message to the children.  I know in my children, the message has stuck.

These songs will remain in our holiday listening and singing repertoire.  The lessons will stay with us.  What a wonderful program!