Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Magnolia Silos - Fixer Upper!

I just had to travel up to Waco, Texas when we took a trip to Houston.  I love Fixer Upper and decided on a mini road trip to see the Magnolia Silos.  Egee said this was a total fan girl moment on my part.  Oh, well...Momma has to have her fun, too!

The Silos weren't as big as I thought, but that was okay.  I enjoyed my time there.

We made the rounds in the Magnolia store.  It was crowded, but we shopped anyway.

We then headed over to the Silos Bakery.  YUM!  The line wrapped around the outside of the building. It was about a fifteen minute wait and totally worth it.  They hand you a card and you make your selection as you wait in line.  The cinnamon roll was delicious!  So were the cupcakes and cookies.

We took it all in and visited the garden, seed shop, and noted the food trucks.

I can now say I have been to The Silos and of course, I will visit again!

On our way back to Houston, we had to stop at Round Top!  It was the big Antique Sale week.  The next week will be in the fall.  So, we pulled in and browsed.  We had a great time.

Too bad we didn't run into Chip and JoJo!  Maybe on our next trip!