Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Science Bob Visits the Chesnee Library!

Our county library system was able to bring in Science Bob to do a presentation for the main Headquarters library, but needed to provide Science Bob with a warm up act before the evening main event.  We were lucky that the library system chose Chesnee library branch for this honor.  Mr. Jack is our own science guru and we love attending homeschool classes with him.  So, we were able to have private homeschool presentation with Science Bob!  I invited several of our homeschool friends and we filled forty seats to see this special program.

The kids were very excited to see Science Bob.  He has been on several talk shows and on Nickelodeon.  They love science experiments and were  thrilled to learn more about science. 

The show was wonderful and the liquid nitrogen experiments are always a hit.  We all got to try popcorn that had been placed in liquid nitrogen.  The cool effect of 'dragon's breath' excited all the kiddos.  Now, Mr. Jack is going to have a hard time topping Science Bob, but he just might!