Thursday, March 31, 2016

First Campout of the Camping Season

We went camping over Easter Weekend.  The weather has been pleasant and we couldn't wait to begin the 2016 Camping Season.  I had cleaned and organized the rv and counted down the days.  My parents joined us in their motorhome for a weekend getaway to Orchard Lakes.

Fishing with MeeMee

MeeMee's big catch, a salamander!

He just had to get on the water!
Saturday, the weather decided to take a turn to cooler and wetter conditions.  That was okay, we were just thrilled to be camping.  We had plenty of firewood, jackets and warmer clothes.  It forced us to just relax and take things easy.

Helping cook breakfast.

Staying warm around the campfire.

Enjoying a game of pool with Granddad.

Dying Easter Eggs
Little Man meet a friend and they had a great time at the game room.  There was an Easter Egg Hunt for the twelve and under kids.  Of course, Little Man had a blast!  Egee didn't seem to bummed about not being able to hunt eggs.  It's just part of growing up. 

Overall, we had a wonderful Easter weekend and can't wait to camp again!