Monday, March 14, 2016

Fish Tales at Pisgah

Spring has sprung and we made our way up to the mountains for another fun class at Pisgah Wildlife Center.  This month's activity was titled Fish Tales.  The rangers taught the children about the anatomy of trout and guided them on a fish dissection.  Now, my kiddos are not like their momma.  I loved to dissect anything I could get my hands on!  My kids could do without dissecting anything.  However, I believe the experience of dissection is important and to see the internal anatomy of an animal is valuable.  Luckily, they are good sports and don't complain much!

I was able to help with the dissection process and add more information for our group as the rangers helped others in the class.  The children turned from disgust to actually enjoying the process.  I love seeing that! 

We made it through dissection without anyone getting sick and all kiddos talking about how cool it was.  Another science success!