Friday, September 28, 2012

Them Dry Bones

Yesterday didn't go as planned for schooling.  Our internet connection was down, so Little Man couldn't complete his online work.  Egee couldn't type her personal narrative on Google Docs, so we improvised.

Little Man and I curled up on the couch and began reading various stories.  We learned about primary colors, musical instruments, and read poetry.  Egee worked on updating her Aikido technique flip chart and vocabulary work. 

Soon we were all gathered in the living room and I read a story about Mozart as a boy.  After I finished the story, we flipped through a couple of pages and I found the song "Dry Bones".  Instantly, I knew what we were going to do next.

I had bought two sticker skeletons for Halloween on Wednesday.  I had planned on using them later in October, but yesterday just happened to be the perfect day.  

Found these at JoAnn's in the dollar section.
We gathered manilla paper and the stickers.  Next, we sat down on the living room floor and began our science/music/art project.  

Before we started, I sang the "Dry Bones" song and then the children joined.  They were having fun.  

Then we began to assemble the skeletons.  Unlike the song, we started with the skull and worked downward.  So we sung the song in reverse!

After we finished, we sang the song again.  Then I started telling the children the correct scientific names of the bones.  They loved the term phalanges!  We then sung the song using the correct names for bones.  Little Man graced us with a dance.  Then Egee joined him to 'move them bones'!

Egee's finished skeleton waving.

Little Man's finished skeleton dancing.
We had a terrific time learning about 'Dry Bones'!