Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Helping with the Business

Hubby has decided to branch out and begin a marketing campaign for his business.  I have been helping in creating a monthly newsletter for electronic publication for the past few months.  He has now decided send printed newsletters to various businesses in our area.

The children were excited to hear that dear ol' Dad would need help stuffing envelopes every month.  This creates an opportunity for them to earn a few extra dollars.  As Mom In Charge, it was my job to fold the newsletters, print the envelopes, fold any inserts and supervise the all to eager stuffers.

Folded newsletters
Insert awaiting the folding process.

So, after their school lessons were complete, we began the process of stuffing and sealing envelopes.   A wet cotton ball works great to moisten the glue strip on the envelope.

Stuffed and ready for mailing.  The bread box was perfect for holding the finished product!

Once finished, we took the newsletters to the Post Office.  The children can't wait to stuff envelopes again next month!