Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Beautiful and Productive Weekend

I love this time of the year.  The temperatures are in the mid to upper seventies during the day, the sky is the most gorgeous blue with an occasional wispy cloud, and a slight breeze stirs the air.

I have a ton of things to get done inside the house (finish taking down wall paper, paint walls, declutter, etc.) and many outdoor projects call my name as well.  Outdoors won this weekend.

After a trip to Lowes on Saturday, Hubby began removing the rotted fascia board from our out building.  It came off effortlessly.  The entire length of the board was rotted and looked like cardboard.

As he worked on repairing the out building, I began cleaning the inside of it.  It is amazing how much dirt gets tracked in over the course of the summer.  I straightened and swept and threw away junk.  I placed two plastic shelving units we took out of our garage into the building.  I put kid toys back where they belonged and lugged in pool noodles to store over the fall and winter.  The lawn mower deck needed to be cleaned, although the lawn mower is not retired yet for the year.

After I finished, I had to get supper started.  The in-laws were coming over for supper and I had fix it. Normally after an afternoon of hot, grimy work, I would have just called in a pizza.  However, I managed to pull together oven fried chicken (it didn't turn out crisp though), mashed potatoes, and bake beans.  For dessert I whipped up pumpkin muffins and homemade ice cream (the ice cream never froze solid in the maker, so we will have it later!).

After the in-laws left, Hubby and I put the leaf cover on the pool and secured it.  We found a few holes in it, but I think it will do its job alright. 

On Sunday, I had planned to paint, but had a change of plans.  I began cleaning and organizing the media cabinet.  I removed all my horses from the glass hutch and cleaned the glass shelves.  I just couldn't bring myself to paint the wall behind the cabinet.  So I will have Hubby help move the cabinet today for me to paint behind it.

Another beautiful day outside, so I decided to plant my fall flowers.  After that task was done, I took a short break on the hammock.  Missy (our border collie) didn't let me relax completely.  She insisted I throw her ball a thousand times!  Little Man then interrupted and wanted to go fishing.

We all went down to our lake and enjoyed a couple of hours relaxing.  Sally B came along on the outing.  Little Man caught one large brim.  He has more fun just casting and reeling in the line over and over again.  Egee fished for a bit, but was more interested in goofing around.

Finally, I grilled smoked sausage and made mac and cheese for supper.  A great end to a wonderful weekend!