Monday, June 4, 2012

The Campout

The children could not wait to go camping in MeeMee and Grandad's motor-home.  My parents purchased a used motor-home three weeks ago and the kids have been so excited to try it out.  So on Friday, Grandad picked us up and the adventure began.

My parents had taken the RV to the campground the week prior, so that we could pull the boat out to the lake.  We started the trip going to my parents and the kids helped Grandad with the boat.  Oh, how they love the boat!  I think they would be content just having it towed around the yard while they rode in the boat.  They helped wash the boat and pack the fishing gear.

On the way to the lake, Egee read from the book "And the green grass grew all around: Folk poetry from everyone" by Alvin Schwartz.  It is a wonderful collection of poems children would sing as they played long ago.  Many were familiar, but others were not.  The book was entertaining during our hour drive.

Our campsite had a nice view of the marina and lake.  We quickly unloaded the Suburban and hooked up the motor-home to the water and power.  We were ready to camp!

Nightfall came and we bedded down.  I started out sleeping on the table converted bed, but the children could not settle.  So, Egee traded me and I climbed up to the bed above the cab to sleep with Little Man.  Let's just say the cushions need to be thicker!

The sun came up early and our day started at 6:30 a.m.  It was going to be a long day.  Little Man was ready to go fishing.  He asked a dozen times when will we launch the boat.  MeeMee started cooking breakfast, so I took the kids on a walk down to the lake.  I don't think Grandad could deal with more questions before he had his morning coffee.

We walked down to the docks.  The children searched for signs of fish on the boat slips.  They searched for ducks and geese.  They found geese feathers and used them to write in the clay along the bank.

Little Man found out how slippery clay becomes when wet.  He fell three times as he darted along the bank.  Carolina mud on a white t-shirt.  I wonder if it will come out.

We launched the boat mid-morning.  Little Man and Egee were ecstatic.  They climbed into the boat and rode down to the boat ramp.  They pulled on their life jackets and waited.  Grandad backed down the ramp and their eyes grew bigger.  Grandad climbed into the vessel and started it.  Little Man pumped his fist in the air.  They were going for a ride.  I drove back up to the campsite to pick up MeeMee.

The kids were full of excitement as we motored around on the lake.

We fished along the bank in the afternoon.  Egee was the first to catch a little brim.  Little Man didn't have a chance.  He likes to reel and cast, reel and cast.

Taking a break from fishing.

Hubby joined us later in the afternoon.  He fished along the bank with the children.  Grandad and I pulled the boat back to the campsite.  I was soaking wet, due to the fact that I had to jump into the lake and help a woman with her boat.  She had let it drift about thirty feet from shore and she was continuing to let it drift.  She was in the water trying to swim it back to shore and didn't know what she was doing.  Her husband was still trying to park their trailer.  I was able to pull it back to shore for her.  Some people don't need to be around boats.

Grandad went back down to the lake to pick everyone up.  When they arrived back at camp, Egee came running in the RV looking like she had seen a ghost.  She starting clamoring about Little Man and a fishing hook.  I went outside and heard Little Man wailing and everyone around him.

Little Man had caught a fish and himself.  A fishing hook was embedded in his right thumb.  He was not a happy camper.  Grandad was busy trying to find something to cut the hook.  MeeMee was trying to console him.  Hubby was trying to keep him from getting the hook deeper into the thumb.  I grabbed the alcohol and bandages, then held him.  Grandad removed the hook and Little Man screamed he would never fish again.

The traumatic event left him exhausted and he sleep the rest of the evening.  The next morning, he was all better and ready to fish.

Well, another adventure down.  We can't wait to go again.