Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Camper

I have always wanted to have a travel trailer.  Last year, we purchased a tent and set out on a family adventure of camping.  A horrible thunderstorm (wind, rain, lightening, thunder, and hail) ruined the peaceful weekend and the children were unwilling to try tent camping again.  My parents bought a motor-home a month ago and the children loved camping in it.  Hubby said we could look for a camper and I began my quest!

I searched Craigslist, Iwanna, and local rv lots.  I had a price range and a list of must haves.  I wasn't picky about how old, but wanted something that had been taken care of and loved.  I searched every morning, afternoon, and evening.  It paid off!  I found one at CampingWorld and went to 'just look'.

The children and I fell in love with the Gulfstream Conquest.  It was perfect!  A queen bedroom, bunks for the kids, a sofa and dinette, full bathroom and kitchen!  Everything on my wishlist.  The only problem, Hubby was working and not with us to approve.  Others were looking at it and wanted it.  I had to act fast and text him to let him know of our find.  A few texts later and I was in the office putting a deposit on it.

 Finally, hubby came home and we went to look at my treasure.  He approved and the process of buying the camper and having all the stuff needed to tow it began.  This all started on a Thursday and we had our new toy home on Monday.  I was ready to camp!

I spent all week purchasing things we needed, pulling out camping gear we had stored in the garage, cleaning the camper, washing linens, and making it ours.  It was ready to pull out of the drive and camp on Friday.

We headed to Thermal City Gold Mine and Camp.  (This is where we tent camped last year on Father's Day Weekend.)

The truck towed the trailer fine.  Hubby did a great job for his first time towing a travel trailer.  I tried my best to keep my mouth shut and not 'help'.

We made it and camp was a breeze to set up.  I was not exhausted like tent set up.  The children were ready to ride their bikes and have fun.
Riding bikes down to the river.

Looking for the 'right' rock to throw.

He found it and it made a big splash.

Crossing the river.

He wanted to ride his bike in the water.

A long day of fun wore him out!


Helping with the fire.

Lights on the awning

Campfire for s'mores

Father's day breakfast in the camper

She was exhausted from all the fun!

We had a lovely weekend by the river and can't wait to go camping again!