Monday, October 10, 2016

Cradle of Forestry

We went on a field trip to the Cradle of Forestry.  What a wonderful place!  The park staff were friendly and very helpful during our visit.  We were able to check out backpacks to explore the Adventure Loop.  Our group of kiddos were a bit too old for the packs, but for younger kids they would be great.  Also, if we had not taken the wrong trail, we may have used the materials more.  We ended up taking the Forest Discovery Trail and hiked 2.1 miles.  This is a moderately strenuous hike and although the trail is paved, I would not enjoy pushing a wheelchair up the 350 foot elevation change.  Everyone decided we need to really get into shape after this hiking experience! 

 We found the Moon Tree Story quite interesting!  

 The Moon Tree!

 We took the Forest Discover Trail and not the Forest Festival Trail.  
Don't make our mistake especially if you have small children
or mobility issues!

The indoor scavenger hunt was a hit with the kids.  Again, it was more for the younger set, but our older kids had a great time looking for the items.  I took plenty of pictures of all the displays and plan to make a scavenger hunt for the older set.  I want them to read, learn, and explore the wealth of information.

We were unable to watch the film about the history of the Cradle of Forestry.  It runs at the top and bottom of every hour and we were trying to beat the weather before the round of severe thunderstorms hit.  So, the film is on the list for a future visit.

We didn't get to explore the Biltmore School trail due to the weather, so it will be a wonderful incentive to come back and see more.

This is definitely a place we will enjoy many more times and learn more and more each visit.