Thursday, October 27, 2016

Why Secret Codes?

Mr. Jack decided it would be fun to learn about secret codes.  What is the purpose of secret codes?  How are they used?  Have you ever used a secret code?  He asked the kids and got a wide range of responses.  He then explained to them how secrete codes were used during the Revolutionary and Civil War.  This really got them excited.

Next, he explained how a code wheel worked for sending secret messages.  He told the kids how it was important to change the code often, to keep the enemy confused.  Usually, codes were changed several times a month.  In some cases it was changed weekly.

He gave the kids instructions on how to make a code wheel and they began working on their own wheels.  Some made their wheels different from the others.  They found out this was a problem when trying to translate the code made on a different wheel.  Mr. Jack explained to them why it was important that the parties sending and receiving coded messages had the same code wheel configuration.

This was a neat learning experience for the group.