Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Speedwerkz Exotic Car Museum

During our vacation to Pigeon Forge, Little Man discovered they had an exotic car museum.  He was admit about going to see his dream cars.  So, we granted his wish to see the luxury cars played in his video games in person instead of the screen.

Speedwerkz Exotic Car Museum made a young boy very, very happy.  The curator, Jason, took time to tell him about the history of Lamborghini and Ferrari cars.  It was quite interesting.  I had no idea of the history, but then again, I am not a car enthusiast.

Did you know that Lamborghini was a major Ferrari car enthusiast?  He collected Ferrari!  It wasn't until he bought his wife a Ferrari and it was having some issues, that were not being fixed well, did he begin making Lamborghini.  Jason told us that Lamborghini, who made farming tractors and still does today, found a way to fix his wife's Ferrari.  When he approached Ferrari about fixing the car and helping him fix the problems in his cars, Ferrari became furious and told Lamborghini to go back and build tractors.  Lamborghini was insulted and decided to make his own sports, luxury cars!  The rest is history.

Jason also told us that Lamborghini loved bull fighting.  He decided to name all his cars after famous bulls and they are still named that way today.  All of Ferrari's cars are named after cities in Italy.

I mentioned to Jason that we home schooled and he told Little Man that he was so lucky.  He said he wished he had been home schooled.  He then started talking to him about education and how he wasted time in college earning a degree he doesn't even use.  We talked about following passions and how to go after what you want.  He explained that cars were a passion of his and he hung out at car shows and around people he wanted to be like.  He learned everything he could about the cars and history.  He finally met the guys he works for and built up trust and respect and now has his dream job.  It was so refreshing to hear a well spoken young man with a passion take the time to speak to my son.  He was truthful and meant everything he told him.  It really impressed Little Man.

Here are the pics of one happy ten year old boy with his dream cars!

 It's just $615,200, Mom!

 $400,000 grand?  You better get a good job!

 $176,380 was the cheapest car there!

 This one is sooo much more affordable, $234,487!