Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Return from Vacay!

We took a week to go to our happy place.  It was a long wait this year to get there.  Normally, we vacation at the end of July, but this year we wanted to wait for cooler temps.  Of course, Mother Nature decided to send a monsoon our way.  The low pressure front and a hurricane off the coast created the perfect storm, but our little island of paradise was spared.  The rest of our state wasn't so lucky. 

We enjoyed the beach house and had magnificent views of the marsh and waves crashing onto the beach beyond.  I don't know what it was about that house, but everyone just felt at home from the moment we pulled into the drive.  I think it has been one of the most relaxing retreats to the beach we have had.  Maybe it was the coolness of fall and the views.  We definitely did not want to leave.

The kiddos loved the golf cart that came with the rental.  We cruised the sleepy island every morning.  We were on the lookout for alligators and other wildlife.  We sported binoculars and made mandatory stops at the edges of the marsh and crab docks. 

We combed the beach at low tide searching for shells, driftwood and sand dollars.  We picked up hermit crabs and marveled at all the sea snails.  We watched the sea birds dash around in the small tidal pools looking for a meal.  We gawked at the pelicans congregating on a sandbar having a 'meeting'.

We discussed how much the beach has changed in the past year.  The reflected upon the changes we have observed in it over the past eight years.


We visited the local state park and learned about reptiles in the area.  We walked the fishing pier and searched for dolphins.

We visited historical sites and learned some new things and listened to stories of old.  We marveled at the wealth the area had during the early years of our country.  We wandered what life would have been like at that time.

Most of all we relaxed and spent time together, just the four of us.