Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fair Time!

We spent a wonderful day at the Piedmont Interstate Fair Educational day with friends.  I had never taken my children to the fair before and wanted them to experience it without the temptation of rides.  It seems the fairs have become more about riding than the actual heritage that it began.  No temptations of rides today!

We headed to the livestock area when we arrived.  There was a petting zoo station and the children loved the different animals.  Tropical birds, monkeys, lemurs, zebra, goats, camels, calves, etc. were on display.  The chickens were not on display because the of the bird flu threat.  There were a few goats and cattle present.  A large area contained pigeons, quail and rabbits.  The children found these equally delightful.

We toured an exhibit hall that had different types of tractors.  Of course, the boys loved this part.  There was an old Army jeep that caught their attention and how they longed to sit in it.

The girls enjoyed the art exhibit hall.  They discussed the drawings, paintings, photographs, and sculptures.  We were encouraging them to work on a piece to submit for next year's fair.

We strolled along the midway and stopped to watch an Elvis impersonator sing and dance.  A robot caught the attention of the kiddos and they had a blast interacting with it.  We stopped and watched a game that involved a rat picking out a number for people to win a prize.  We bought funnel cakes and enjoyed socializing in the grand stands.

The final exhibit hall had a display of arts and crafts, contest winners, food category winners, and informational booths.

The children enjoyed the fair with their friends.  Maybe next year we will venture to the State Fair!