Friday, October 23, 2015

Red Pandas

We ventured to the zoo this morning to learn about the Red Panda.  We enjoyed the last animal talk we attended and decided to learn more about the Red Pandas.

We found out that Red Pandas aren't really pandas.  They are related to the racoon rather than the Giant Pandas.  Either way, we find these little fluffy animals absolute adorable!  They love the cooler weather and were very active this morning.

Collette and Firecracker are the new parents to baby William, aka Willy.  Collette gave birth to Willy in June and just recently allowed him to come out on exhibit.  He isn't a little guy anymore!  He looked at least half the size of his mom.

We found out that people try to keep the Red Panda as a pet.  The Red Pandas tend to be fairly docile and easy to tame.  In fact, the keeper told us that they are the only animals they do not have to put up to enter the exhibit.

Unfortunately, the Red Panda is facing a decline due to habitat loss.  Like the Giant Pandas, their diets are high in bamboo.  Bamboo forests are being cut down to make way for Palm Oil plantations.

Observing a plastic model of a Red Panda skull.

We enjoyed learning more about these amazing animals and look forward to seeing Willy grow up.