Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Fun Days 13, 14, 15!

I don't think our schedule will be settling down until sometime this coming weekend!  So, again here is another recap of some of the things we have done. 

I think Tinsel has been tired like we have been.  So much rushing going on and trying to keep up with the kiddos is exhausting!  He has brought the nativity cards and prophecy cards, but seems to forget a joke or to-do card from time to time.  I guess he figures we have enough to-do right now and doesn't need to add one more to the list!  Haha.

Saturday, we took the kids to Ice Age Dinosaurs Alive.  Little Man wanted to go as part of his birthday gift.  He was really into it and enjoyed himself.  The displays were nice and informative.  However, I think the whole thing was a bit overpriced.  Oh, well....you live and learn and let the kids have fun.

After the dinosaur outing, we grabbed pizza and guess who was there.  Santa!  Boy, did that surprise Little Man.  I wish I had thought to take a pic!

The children had their Christmas Encounter choral program that evening.  My parents came up to hear them sing.  Our church always does a great job with the music programs.  Afterwards, we went out to eat and Little Man went home with my parents. 

Sunday morning, Egee and I headed off to church services.  We then had a few hours to run a couple of errands before heading back to day two of the Christmas Encounter program.  Santa Claus came through the neighborhood on the firetruck before we left for the program! 

D-man came to hear her sing tonight.  She was so excited that her big brother would be there.

Monday morning, we trekked over to my parent's house to pick up Little Man.  We then went to Life Way book store to see the Compassion Experience.  We learned about two children that lived in poverty and how Compassion has helped them become successful adults.  It was very eye opening for the children.  We discussed third world situations and how children often suffer.  We will begin to pray about which child God would like for us to sponsor and begin a sponsorship in January.