Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2014 Christmas Fun, Day 3!

Tinsel was ready to have some holiday cheer this morning!

I have been playing Christmas carols on the cd every morning to wake the children.  Once up, they look around for Tinsel and see what surprise may be planned for the day.

We read the Advent Nativity cards and Prophecy card.  Next, we discussed Elisabeth and John.  Egee recalled the story and retold it to us.

The children colored their cards and did their school work.  They anxiously awaited the time to leave for the play.

We arrived at the Chapman Cultural center early.  I did this, so we could go to the Spartanburg Art Museum.  Little Man rolls his eyes when I mention art museum, but always seems to like it in the end.

We strolled down the hallway, looking at various pieces done by District 6 art students.  The children pointed out which ones they liked and why.  There are so many talented young artists!

We entered the exhibit area and noticed an interesting artist display.  It was not a typical day at the art museum today!

Artist, Chris Nitsche, has created a piece called Memory Ship.  He created a fifty foot ship within the art space.  It was very intriguing and Little Man loved it!  There were port holes to look into and see the various artistic displays he created.  The children found several patterns in each display.  They also saw many familiar items.  This was such a neat treat!

We then went outdoors and let Little Man run out some of his never ending energy before going into the theater.  The weather today was overcast and cool, but not cold.  He ran and jumped for a bit around the courtyard.

Next, we made our way into the theater.  The David Reid Theater is very quaint.  I love this little luxury in our county seat.  We saw a few friends when we sat down.  We had front row seats.  I was able to point out the pit area in front of the stage for the children.

The Spartanburg Youth Theater does such an excellent job!  We enjoyed the shows from last season and this season was no exception.  A Charlie Brown Christmas was a delight!  All ages could easily enjoy the production.  The actors and actresses did a great job.  We loved it!

Hmm....what will tomorrow bring?