Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Stormy Day!

 The rain is much needed since we are in a moderate drought. The garden seems to become a brighter hue of green after a good rain. I’ve got to work on my rain barrels. We made a few from trash cans a couple years ago, but they just don’t work well. I keep putting it off and then miss out on a good rainfall to secure water for the garden. Now that the majority of my garden is planted, I will have to start working on the barrels.

           The children and I worked on their State Unit books today. Pennsylvania was the second state to enter the Union. We reflected upon what we had studied about Pennsylvania during the revolutionary war. Little Man was excited when he saw a drawing of Benjamin Franklin. He remembered Ben and that he lived in Philadelphia. I read aloud from a children’s book of Pennsylvania. They listened intently and looked at the pictures. Egee completed her map of the state by adding major cities, rivers, and mountain ranges. Both children colored the flag of Pennsylvania, as I read various pages from another book on the state’s geographical features, animal life, early settlers, and short tidbits of famous Pennsylvanians. Egee had a research page and used the internet to help find the answers to various clues. She is getting better at doing this type of task.

           After our morning school work, we had leftovers for lunch. Then we went to the library class. Mrs. Nancy had invited the Humane Society to speak to the children. The Humane Society used a therapy dog to help out in the presentation. A beautiful australian shepard named, Milo, made the class all the more interesting. All the children fell in love with the dog. They learned how to properly care for an animal and what happens to an animal when it is brought into the shelter. They were encouraged to pretend and act out various scenarios with Milo. Overall, they had a good time.

          Egee’s new friend came to library again. The little girl has been as excited as Egee to have someone her age to talk with and not just her brother. Since this was our last class with Mrs. Nancy until the fall, I exchanged contact information with the girl’s mother. Maybe we can get together over the summer months to let the girls play. Egee was excited to hear this.

         We rushed off to Aikido. Little Man was stubborn tonight doing his technique. Egee was trying with all her might to work with him and help him, but he did not want her help. Finally his class was over and Egee stayed for the adult class. I believe she likes the adult classes more than the youth classes now. At least when it comes to working on her techniques. Right as the class ended, the storms unleashed. More of an electrical show and not a torrential downpour. Oh well, it will be a nice night for sleep!