Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Friday!

We normally do not have any kind of formal schooling on Friday. Instead, we do household chores (home economics), run an occasional errand (business education), and relax.

To start the morning off, I made the rounds in the garden. The green beans have popped up. The frost zapped pepper plants are putting out little leaves. The pea pods are swelling. The lettuce is finally getting larger. The chives are growing higher. The peaches are getting bigger. The grapes are putting out more leaves and recovering from the frost.

Random Garden Pics

frost zapped beans recovering and new beans sprouting


lettuce and some spinach







Little Man saw a loose dog as we tended the garden. The little schnauzer seems to be an escape artist for he comes around about once a week. Little Man of course wants to keep him. Especially after the library class yesterday.

“Momma what if he is like the dog in the story?”
“He isn’t like the dog in the story,” I told him.
“Can we keep him? I want to name him Buddy!”
“No, we are not keeping him. Don’t feed him,” I said.
“But he looks hungry,” he groaned. The dog didn’t look starved. 

When I continued to hang out the laundry, Little Man recruited his sister. Now it was her turn to make all the comparisons to the dog in the story. I reassured her he was not like the dog in the story. Little Man had promptly gone in to get the dog some kibble. Egee went to put fresh water in the outside dog bowl. I warned him not to feed the dog. Then I told them to come in and leave the dog outside so it would go back home. What did that little dog do, but to sneak inside as the door closed. He proceeded to make himself at home. I had to be the bad guy and toss him back out. It broke Little Man’s heart, for he had already made big plans for this dog. Hubby would definitely not like it if he had come home to another animal. Off we went to the grocery store and the little dog was not around when we returned. Thank goodness!