Sunday, April 29, 2012


Nihon Goshin Aikido (NGA) is a way of life for my husband and children. My husband began training in this martial art as a teen. Then life happened and he quit. When we married, he still had a burning desire to continue the art and with my encouragement began to train again seven years ago. He has obtained the rank of ShoDan (first degree black belt) and is in the process of testing for NiDan (second degree black belt).

Egee and Hubby

          My daughter decided to follow him into this rare art at the age of five. She has completed the Little Samurai class and the youth class. Two weeks before her tenth birthday she obtained the adult rank of GoKyu. I am so proud of her!

Egee (yellow belt) working on mugger's throw

          My son took up the art at the age of four. A typical little boy preferring kicking and striking to blending. He completed the Little Samurai class at the age of six and has entered the youth class. He thinks he is hot stuff now that he has a youth yellow belt.  

Little Man receiving his youth yellow belt.

             How does this affect my life? I am the Aikido mom. The dojo is our second home. They participate in lessons four days a week. That equals seven to eight hours of class for my daughter and four hours for my son. The payoff is seeing my children mature and learn how to handle different situations. Being a bench mom, I have learned many techniques for self-defense just by watching my children’s classes.  

Working on technique 

             NGA is not the typical showy aikido that most are familiar. NGA uses various martial art styles (judo, jiu jitsu, karate) along with small circle aikido. It is a true self defense style. The art does not compete with others. Students must learn to cooperate with each other through a Uke/Nage relationship of trust. Many different personalities train at the dojo and every student works together.  

          My daughter is learning how to take on leadership within the youth class. The experience is an eye opener for her. She is normally a quiet and reserved child, but now is learning how to command the attention of others. She leds exercises many times during the week in the youth classes and oversees lower ranking youth students. She loves teaching the younger and lower rank students and hopes to become an instructor one day like her father. 

Youth class with Sensei

My son likes the comradery of the other boys in class. The physical aspect of kicking, punching, strikes are his forte. His constantly looks to see if I am watching him do his technique. He wants to impress me. I can’t resist a cutie in a uniform!

Little Man working with Egee