Monday, March 6, 2017

Volts, Amps, and Batteries!

Mr. Jack had another fun physics lesson for the kiddos today.  He started by explaining how batteries work and then led the discussion into amps and voltage.  He intrigued them with telling them they would make their own batteries with very simple household materials.  He explained that these batteries would then light up an L.E.D. light bulb.  They were hooked!

They busily made batteries from pennies, paper, and apple cider vinegar.  They used the voltmeter to see how powerful their batteries were.  They added more pennies, paper, and apple cider vinegar until they had enough voltage and amperage to power the L.E.D. bulbs.

The L.E.D. bulbs were very finicky with the amperage and didn't want to cooperate, but the kids didn't mind.  They thought it was quite nifty that they could make their own batteries.