Thursday, September 17, 2015


Today was home school class with Mr. Jack.  YAY!  We love Mr. Jack and all the cool stuff he comes up with for the kiddos.  Today's lesson was something new and really neat.  Stop-motion video making with a free app and bunches of creativity.

As always, Mr. Jack explained to the students the background of stop-motion video and how it was used in making cartoons.  From very simple flip style, using a book and drawing small pictures in the margins.  To more elaborate illustrations and paintings and photographing each frame, stop-motion video has been entertaining us for generations.  Now computers can be used to cut down on the tedious drawing time that this art form often requires.  Mr. Jack used the Scooby Doo cartoons to make his point to the children.  He then explained how Pixar goes about making their animated movies. 

Next, Mr. Jack talked about frame rate and the number of frames needed to trick the eye.  He used video games as a prime example.  Of course, all the children could relate.

He showed the children an example he created using the app they would all use in class.  He stressed important details and then the creativity was allowed to flow.

The children worked in groups and individually.  Ideas were discussed and then drawing commenced. 

Everyone had a great time and enjoyed watching everyone's productions.

I think Mr. Jack just inspired several stop motion directors today!