Monday, September 21, 2015

Permaculture Field Trip

Okay, I must admit that this field trip was more for me than the kiddos.  Yes, they got something from it and will now understand my vision for our property.  However, it was really for me!

The Seneca Tree House project is a vision of sustainability in a community setting.  Using permacultural design to grow food and be in harmony with the natural world, the Tree House project is educating the public of this lifestyle.  The plot of land being used extensively is about half an acre.  The total property size is one acre.  We have a one acre parcel that I am trying turn into a permaculture landscape and wanted to get ideas.

The garden was not a typical garden.  I have raised beds and everything is neat and orderly.  Their garden was like a nature trail and plants placed here and there in mulched areas.  Much more natural and to an untrained eye, it would be difficult for many to pick out the food plants.  They had fruit trees in their gardens and I have mine in an orchard setting.  Although, now I see how I could easily convert the orchard area into a more space utilizing garden.

We learned about rain water collection and usage.  They talked about placing small ponds in the garden area for water and attracting pollinators to the garden.  This is something I would like to do in our yard.  Little Man would love to stock it with fish!

We continued on the tour through the garden to an earthberm house they were working on.  It is a very interesting design and would love to see it when completed.  I would consider doing a smaller version and using it for a root cellar.

The poultry run was large and to my surprise not extremely secure.  They said they have not had any issues with predators or escapes.  I think I will have a much more secured area.

The highlight for the kids was the actual tree house.   I would love to build one for the kids.  I think they would stay in it for days! 

Overall, we learned a bit about permaculture and will keep applying it to our own yard.  Maybe one day, we can do tours of our yard!