Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Inman Library Class: September 2014

The children attended Inman's library homeschool classes today.  They always enjoy the Inman classes.

Things have changed this school year.  Ms. Terri is no longer at the library.  Her husband was transferred to Texas and she, of course, moved with him.  We will miss Ms. Terri.  Her classes were always fun and very informative.

Ms. Megan has taken over as the children's librarian.  She had a great first day with the children in Little Man's group.  She is following well in Ms. Terri's footsteps.

'Where In the World Are You' is the topic of this school year.  The children were given worksheets and filled them in with information they learned.  They colored a picture of a globe and made little paper boomerangs, as they learned about Australia.    Everyone was excited as they exited the doors.

Ms. Sarah was Egee's teacher this time.  She had created The Break Neck Bistro for the teens theme.  They are learning to create microwave foods.  Of course, this was right up Egee's alley.   They learned to make a very simple lasagna today.  Egee saved me a bite and it was good.   She loves to cook and now she will have things to make for us.  I can't wait!

Ms. Sarah also conducts the tween class on Nature Study.  Friends of ours had children attend this program.  They went outside and played a nature game and looked for different plants and animals.  They are keeping a nature journal for the class, as well.  They all seemed to enjoy it. 

While waiting on the teen class to finish, the younger ones played outside and came back with an interesting seed pod.  They thought they found green beans.  They cut into the pods and extracted the seeds and I looked up the pods on the internet.  From all the evidence they collected, we believe they found a Kentucky Coffee Tree. 

I read to them the information I found and we learned more about the plant and how it is used.  It was very interesting. 

Can't wait for the next class!