Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Gumdrop Geometry

It's time to start going to library home school classes!  We decided to drive a bit further down the road and visit Woodruff Library for their home school class. 

Gumdrop Geometry was the theme today.  Ms. Jean, the librarian, had made packets for the children to match the term to the shape and a packet to help in assembling the different shapes.

Egee and another older homeschooler were able to participate today because there was not many children there.  They had a good time reviewing the geometry shapes with the younger ones.

I was very proud of Little Man for reading and following the directions on his own.  I might have an engineer in the making!

 Little Man and Egee had a good time making the various shapes using toothpicks and gumdrops.

We also met new friends at the library class.  So, it was a great day all around.  We can't wait to go back next month!