Saturday, April 26, 2014

Latta Plantation - Celtic Festival

We took the children and their friends to the Celtic Festival at Latta Plantation.  We wanted to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in a different manner this year and decided to make the drive.  As always, the Latta Plantation is well worth the hour and a half drive!

The children were excited to see the Celtic dancers and hear the music.  We listened to a Scottish story teller and learned interesting details about the Scots.  The story teller was mesmerizing and she made you feel like you were listening to the person that had experienced the history first hand.  She recounted the struggles of the Highlanders and how England punished them.  She told of their plight in Ireland and how they came to the New World.  We learned how and why they settled in the area that we call home.

We perused the various encampments depicting the Revolutionary war, Civil war, WWI and WWII Scots-Irish soldiers.  The boys always look forward to seeing the various weapons and witnessing the demonstrations.

We watched the Celtic dancers and learned about the various dances.

The children enjoyed the Highlander games.  There was an area set aside for the children to try their hand at the various games.  Little Man didn't want to leave the rubberband rifle range!  B-Man enjoyed playing the Scottish hammer throw.  Egee tried the caber throw.  Sunshine was happy to do it all!

We had a wonderful time and are looking forward to next year's celebration!