Saturday, April 19, 2014

Croft State Park

The children and I have taken advantage of nice days this spring.  We ventured out to Croft State Park along with fellow homeschoolers.  The park is massive and our favorite spot is the short hike to Fairforest Creek. 

Our first outing occurred in the fall.  We fell in love with the place and the children asked constantly when we would go back.  Now, that Samson is older and we want to introduce him to water, Croft was the perfect spot.

As we walk along the trail, we discuss the changes that have taken place between each visit.  The understory growth of the forest, the forest floor, what is blooming or dormant, animal sightings, the flow of the creek, etc. are noted.  Learning about nature is a very important lesson for us.  I want the children to appreciate it and understand it.

The payoff for them at this moment is playtime in the creek.  However, I know they are absorbing our nature talks.  Each time we visit, they bring up something we mentioned in a previous trek.  Oh, how I love the nature of unschooling!