Thursday, July 20, 2017

Adding Color to the Zinger

Okay, RVs aren't known to be very colorful on the insides.  There are thousands of Pinterest posts on painting walls, painting cabinets, etc.  I do not want to paint my interior.  I hate to paint!  I do want to add some color, though.

So, what to do? I have given this much thought and consideration. I added a couple of fun turquoise pillows that have a beach theme to the sofa.  I have hung pictures on our walls.  I have added a couple of wooden signs with sayings. All of these have added that special touch of home.  Still, I needed something more.

The lamp shade over our dinette was a basic, boring, light brown, drum shade.  I began to search for a different shade.  I was having no luck.  Everything I found was brown or white!  I refused to pay $75 for one with color.  So, I turned to looking for fabric.  I figured covering the shade with fabric would do quite nicely.

I searched the fabric isles.  My original thought was to find a fabric to match the pillows.  I started to doubt the color of the pillows. (I forgot to take a picture of the pillows.) Would this one match?  Would it clash? Ugh!

I decided to not look for such a bold color.  I would find something to tie in the pillows and the fabrics already in the RV.  I had browns, blues, and creams to work with.  Finally I found the one!  A nautical themed print that was light and airy.  It has all my colors and works well in the RV.

I was able to cover the lamp shade using a hot glue gun.  I decided to leave the border of the original shade exposed.  This gave a more finished look to the shade.

I had left-over fabric and began to brainstorm.  My eye caught the Reflectix covering the skylight.  I place the Reflectix over the vent openings and the skylights when it gets into the eighties for temperature.  I keeps the excess heat out of the trailer.  The shiny foil is an eyesore, but I deal with it.  That's when I decided I could cover the side of the Reflectix we see with the fabric.

 The shiny Reflectix covering the skylight.

 No more shine!

Vent is covered.

Door window cover

I covered the vent, skylight, and door window Reflectix with my left-over fabric.  The interior looks much better and coordinated.  I like the new look!

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