Monday, June 12, 2017

Toms Creek Falls

The boy and I decided to check out Toms Creek Falls.  This little gem isn't too far off the beaten path and is well worth the trip.  The parking area is a small, gravel, road side lot.  There is a kiosk marking the trail head.

We began this easy hike into the cove forest.  The path is mainly gravel and other parts are well worn, so you shouldn't get lost.

There is a foot bridge to cross over a little creek.  We made our way to the primitive campsites and down to Toms Creek.

We then made our way to the waterfall deck.  It provides a nice view of the falls.  A tree had fallen recently and we had to climb over it.  I'm sure it has been removed.  Little Man wanted to continue up the trail to get a better view.

We headed up and over a few large rocks and then down to the base of the falls.  This was the best view!

We enjoyed our short mile long excursion to Toms Creek Falls.  We can't wait to return with other family members to show them!