Monday, June 13, 2016

Milliken Arboretum

Today we took a nice nature walk at the Milliken Arboretum.  It was a beautiful morning to get out and explore.  We are so fortunate to have many different trails in our area to enjoy nature.  It was especially fun to meet up with friends!

Milliken Arboretum is just off Business I-85.   To enter the facility, it was a little confusing because the road said private entrance.  It leads to the parking areas.  Follow the road completely around to the visitor parking.  The parking lot is the last lot option.  The groundskeeper told us to park in the upper portion of the lot near the concrete sidewalk leading to the arboretum.


The view was amazing from atop the little hill from the parking area.  The kiddos were delighted to spot the ponds and rushed straight for them.  There is just something very appealing about water.

Everything was well taken care of on the grounds.  There was plenty of wildlife (geese, ducks, turtles, carp, etc.).  It was hard to believe we were in an urban area.

We let the kiddos lead the way for the walk and didn't really stick to the trails.  That's okay because the area is wide open and easy to explore.  This makes the walk great for the younger kids to get a sense of freedom to explore.

We loved this little piece of urban oasis!