Monday, May 16, 2016

Building our Nature Packs

We are starting a nature club for our fellow homeschool friends and we need items for exploration.  So, I've been scouring for items.  I have read review, after review, after review and quite honestly everyone seems to have a different opinion about everything!  Finally, I decided on a few items and purchased them.  Hopefully, I made the right decisions.

So, what is going into our nature packs?

1.  Tasco Binoculars 10x25

2.  Magnifying glass 2x with a 5x spotter

3.  4 Function compass, thermometer, whistle and magnifying glass.  approximately $7 I found this when looking for an emergency whistle.  I figure it would be easier to keep up with than several small individual items.  Everyone going out into the woods needs an emergency whistle.  This whistle is very loud and the compass works well for our purposes.

4.  Small collection tubes.  I found these at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 for a package of six.  They will be great to collect soil samples, bugs, or water samples.

5.  Retractable measuring tape 99cents at Hobby Lobby.  It measures up to 60in and also has metric measurements on the back side of the tape.  Just press the little white button and the tape retracts. 

6.  Clear lip gloss containers $1.99 at Hobby Lobby for a package of 6.  These are going to be used for bug collection.  The bug can be contained and looked at with the magnifying glass.  Then the bug can be released.

7. Plastic tweezers $2.99 at Hobby Lobby for a two pack.  These will be great to pick up various insects to place in containers for observation.

8.  3oz Plastic Bottles $1.99 at Hobby Lobby for a two pack.  These will be used to collect water samples.

9.  Hardcover Sketch Book $5.99 (bought on sale for $3.49) to use for a nature journal. I read reviews from several people about what to use for a nature journal and the consensus was to use a hardcover sketch book.  The hardcover protects the journal and it is easier to write or draw in the field.  I chose this size for ease of carrying and fitting into the pack.

10.  Orange Cinch Sack to store supplies approximately $4.50.  I picked orange so it will stand out in the woods and we can identify the kiddos easily.  Some of the places we will visit borders private property and it is advised to wear orange during hunting season.

11.  Collection Net - I haven't purchased this yet.  I plan on buying one with a long handle and finer mesh.